ACRG Hepatocellular Carcinoma Research Published by Nature Genetics

ACRG's Collaboration with the University of Hong Kong and BGI Leads to New Data Published in Nature Genetics that Informs Future Diagnosis and Drug Discovery for the Most Common Form of Liver Cancer.


Samsung Medical Center Announces Collaboration with ACRG

ACRG and Samsung Medical Center Recently Begin a Collaboration to Genetically Define Gastric Cancer.

위암팀 - ACRG 위암 유전자 분석 공동연구 체결


ACRG and BGI Initiate Lung Cancer Genomics Project

ACRG and BGI announce a new collaboration with Samsung Medical Center and Seoul National University to perform lung cancer genomics research as part of ACRG's mission to generate a unique and best-in-class data on cancers prevalent in Asia, and to accelerate research and development of improved cancer treatments.

华大基因与亚洲癌症研究组织签署合作协议 希望共同推进癌症相关研究